Behind Heavens Door

Written by: Billy Winters
© 1999 Winters Recording   All Rights Reserved

Verse 1:

Does the walls of trouble surround you
Like a storm that comes a crashing through
In the night does fear rush in your mind
Do you feel there's no hope to find
Do you feel you have nowhere to go
Do you feel your life is out of control
Is your world filled with sadness
You can turn it into gladness


Behind heavens door  is the holy key
Behind heavens door  the answer for you and me
Behind heavens door  reach out you will see
Behind heavens door  is the holy key

Verse 2:

Take your sorrows scatter them as the sand
The power is in your hand
Reach out and don't delay
Give your life to Christ today
It's up to you to decide
If your going to stand or run and hide
In your reach is the key
Just take it to be free

Repeat chorus:


Reach through the smoky haze
Break out of the confusing
the confusing, the confusing daze

Repeat chorus: