​                      Come Alive

Written by : Billy Winters
© 2017 Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved

Verse 1

Children of the night
Walking the devils highway
Drug consomers alcohol abusers
You're the devils prey

Beat down to hopelessness
Your days are always gray
It's time to break free
To have a better day


There is One who says come to me
And come alive
He will set you free
So come alive
Reach out to Him with all your heart
And come alive
He'll give you a fresh new start
So come alive
Come alive

Verse 2

Your soul will never find rest
As long as you are your own lord
Peace will always flee
Until Christ is the one you're heading toward

It's time to leave
The house of dispair
If you don't the things in life
Can be more then you can bare

Repeat Chorus

Sin will keep you bowing down
And be master over your soul
Unless you confess your sins to Christ
There's no way to be whole

Surrender your heart to Christ
Give Him all your cares
Allow Him to be your Lord
Nothing else Compares