Music, Lyrics by: Billy Winters
© 2006  Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved 

Verse 1:

You feel so empty, down in your soul
You want to turn and hide, but there's no place to go
The rain of sorrows start beating you down
The pain of hopelessness has your spirit bound
Has your spirit bound


So when you're falling
Down, down, down
When you're falling
Down, down ,down
When you're falling
Down, down, down
I'll be there
If you call My Name

Verse 2:

Drink no more of the bitter cup
Trust in Me and I'll raise you up
Put your hand in Mine and I'll see you through
Just come to Me with a heart that is true
That is true

Repeat chorus:


Give Me control of your life
Let Me break the chains
That keeps you bound in pain

Repeat chorus: