Verse 1:

Where will you spend eternity
It's time to face reality
Jesus can set you free
In your heart is where he wants to be 
So why waste another day
When you can live a better way
Your future can be bright
If you'll walk in the light 

 Chorus: X4 

Join the Final Reign
Join the Final Reign
With the Father, Son and Holy Ghost 

Verse 2: 

Don't wait 'til it's too late
Don't let hell be your fate
Satan, he'll just leave you behind
But with the Lord, true love you'll find 
So take Jesus by the hand
In His power you can stand
True freedom you will know
When you tell satan, he's got to go

Repeat chorus: 


Come join the Final Reign
For hell was not mean't for man
You were made for the promise land

Repeat chorus:

Final Reign 

Music, Lyrics by: Billy Winters
© 1998 Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved