Hell Must Break Loose

Music by: Justin Quiton, John Wolf, Billy Winters
Lyrics by: Justin Quinton and Billy Winters  
© 2006  Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved

Verse 1:

In our lives on earth, we must make a choice
Walk and follow Jesus. or listen to satan's voice
The answer is clear, in Him I'm alive
You too, must find the way to break evil from your life


Sometimes hell must break loose
Before you find the truth
Sometimes hell must break loose
Before you see that the Word stands
Even in your youth

Verse 2:

Jesus is waiting for you to call
Out to Him, to give it all
Those who won't, will never know
That when their time is up, they're going to fall

Repeat chorus:


In the appointed time, chaos will break loose
Will you be with the Father, or far from the truth
Will you choose life, where Jesus knows your name
Or will choose hell, torment and pain

Repeat chorus: