Hey Satan 

Written by: Billy Winters
© 2001 Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved

Verse 1:

You're always there to remind us
Of where we've been
Well, here's one for you
Jesus freed us from sin
You're always out to deceive us
But we're born to win
It's you Satan
Who loses in the end 


Hey Satan
You're going to hell
There's nothing you can do about it
You're going to hell
Your fate is permanently sealed
You're going to hell
Hey Satan
You're going to hell 

Verse 2:

Your future world is only fire
But with Jesus we can step up higher
Your world is darkness and decay
For us Jesus, He paid the way
So the laugh is on you
Cause in the end, you're through
We worship the Holy Master
Who freed us from disaster 

Repeat chorus:  


Your pain will be greater
Then what you gave
For you, there is no hope
You can never be saved 

Repeat chorus: