I'm A Warrior 

Written by: Billy Winters
© 2001 Winters Recording  All rights reserved 

Verse 1:

I'm called to fight
Called from darkness to light
It's my destiny
To help my brothers to be free
I have the power of the Word
Which is given by the Lord
I take and turn it up loud
To be heard in a crowd 

Chorus: X 2

I'm a Warrior
I'm a Warrior
I'm a Warrior for the Lord

Verse 2:

I'm called to help you see
The power that sets you free
Come with me to the door
Be healed by the strips He bore
Come with me and walk through
And you can have the power too
Raise up your sword and shield 
In Christ your life is sealed 

Repeat chorus: 


Hang on to the power
Hang on every hour
And all evil has to flee
It's the only way to be free 

Repeat chorus: