Is This The World That You Want

                                                     Verse 1

                              Push against me, I'll push against you
                              Take from me, and I take from you
                              It's a worldof pleasing self
                              and having no time for anyone else


                              Is this the world that you want
                              Trading love for hate
                              Is this the world that you want
                              We've taken satan's bait

                                                      Verse 2

                               The underworld is rising up
                               Trying to make us drink from the bitter cup
                               This is what happens, rebellion against God's law
                               We trip and stumble and always fall


                               We've bowed down to a spirit of a deranged mind
                               Refuse to change, you're left behind
                               There is no room for debate
                               If we don't repent, it's to late