My Friend 

Music by: Billy Winters, Clarence Long
Lyrics by: Clarence Long
Rap lyrics by: Nicole Wolf
© 1999 Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved 

Verse 1: 

Once I lived a life of sin
I thought the devil was my friend
I didn't know the price to pay
I was giving my soul away 


Jesus I need you
I won't turn away
Jesus I need you
I need to know the way
Jesus I need you
In my life today
Jesus I love you
I will never stray 

Verse 2:

Now my life is free from sin
Now I know who is my friend
Now I know the price to pay
Now my soul is safe today 

Repeat chorus:


I did not want to admit
That I was wrong
I would not give in
I thought that I was to strong 


Let me tell ya 'bout my Friend
"Well, who's your Friend?"
Let me tell ya 'bout my Friend
"Well, who's your Friend?" 
It starts with a "G" and ends with a "D"
It's G-O-D, yes He's the only one for me
He changed my life and made me see
All the evil that was surrounding me
He opened the door to a successful
World, a peaceful world, an eternal world
If you got the wisdom and you got the faith
Raise your hands and raise the roof on this place
My Fathers got the power and I got the faith
Wisdom is the key to open heavens gates
Never turn away don't you ever stray
If you got the Father than you got the way

Repeat chorus: