Rescued Me

Music, lyrics by: Billy Winters
© 2006  Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved

Verse 1:

Life was hard, I grew cold inside
Many a times I wanted to run and hide
Anything, to try and stop the pain
Didn't want no one to touch my heart
Didn't want it to be tore apart
I didn't want, to feel again


So round and round
Round I would go
No place to run 
No place hide
Then Jesus came to me
And rescued me

Verse 2:

Like the beast, I was lashing out
My heart was so full of doubt
The powers of hell were controlling me
Fear had gripped my soul
The anger, I wouldn't let go
The lies of hell I could not see

Repeat chorus:

Verse 3:

God's love came to me
His truth set me free
And killed the beast, that brought me to my knees
Now the beast is under my feet
The power of hell I can defeat
If I let my Jesus lead

Repeat chorus: