Slay The Dragon 

Lyrics by: Billy Winters
Music by: Billy Winters & Clarence Long
© 2001 Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved 

Verse 1:

The beast was thrown to the earth
With anger in his heart
Now he roams the earth
Seeking whom he may tear apart 

Chorus: X2

Better slay the dragon
Slay the dragon
Before he slays you 

Verse 2: 

He has no love at all
He's the lowest form of hate
Latches onto, anyone he can
To destroy their fate 

Repeat chorus:

He thought he had mankind
Since the first day
He didn't know that Jesus
Was going to make a new way 

Repeat chorus: 

Verse 3:

We have the power by the blood of Jesus
That makes the dragon run
He can't take the power
Of the Holy Son 

Repeat chorus: