Music by: Billy Winters, Clarence Long
Lyrics by: Billy Winters
© 1998 Winters Recording  All Rights Reserved

Verse 1: 

Traveling in this world of confusion
See the sadness in their broken dreams
Chasing their god of illusion
In Jehovah God, they forget it seems 


I'd rather talk with the angels
Messengers of my friend
I'd rather talk with the angels
Better company than sin 

Verse 2:  

They keep running with their false hopes
With their head filled with lies
In their tomorrows they're not sure how to cope
Chasing their lord of many a disguise 

Repeat chorus: 


Why don't they learn
To be free
It's so easy
Don't they see, don't they see 

Verse 3: 

Tomorrow is what you make it be
It depends on the one you believe
Worry is of the evil one
Puts fear in the mind, then all is gone

Repeat chorus: 


Talk With The Angels