What If

                                                               Verse 1

    Everything seems to be spinning around and upside down, approaching melt down 
    Seems like only destruction can be found, look what's going around
    We need to stop bowing to sin, it'll dominate, souls it'll take
    Maybe we could turn this around before it's too late, so much at stake

                                                             Pre chorus

    We need to return to love
    Instead of showing so much hate
    We should be open to communicate
    To free ourselves of this evil state


    What If, what if
    We quit living in vain, living in vain
    What If, what if
    We stop causing pain, causing pain
    What if, what if
    We started lifting up, lifting up
    What If, what if
    We stopped tearing down, tearing down

                                                              Verse 2

    Man wants to control everyone else, but not himself, his wicked self
    He wants to play God, but Jesus is King the only King
    It's time to quit putting Jesus on the shelf, and put him within ourselves
    Then we can remember what it takes to be free, can't you see

                                                          Pre Chorus


                                                              Verse 3

    Now we need to be praying to the Holy God, the only God
    He's the only power to set us free, let's give it a try, you and I
    We have to decide to overcome the grip of sin, the evil within
    Or remain as we are, believing a lie, truth we deny


    What If