Youth In Chains

                                             Verse 1

                Forget tomorrow, live for today
                The devil tells you there's no need to pray
                Live it up, do it your own way
                He'll steal your dreams and lead you astray


                Holy spirit send down the fire, open their eyes to see
                and break our youth from the chains
                Send out a voice like thunder, that they may be free
                and break our youth from the chains
                                      The chains of hell
                                      The chains of hell

                                              Verse 2

                 The evil one wants to take you light
                 Take away your fight, and lead you into the night
                 He'll feed you the poison that'll kill your soul
                 In hope that Christ you'll never know


                                               Verse 3

                  So youth beware of the one who feeds you lies
                  He'll sing you a sinners lullaby
                  So quickly turn away before he gets inside your brain
                  and has you bound in chains